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Summer evenings are beautiful here in Norway. When the sun is going down, the skies are turning all kind of colors. I just had to capture it. The great thing here in Norway is, is that you do not need to go a long way to take stunning pictures. These pictures are taken in our new backyard. Last week we have been busy with moving, but now we can finally begin to enjoy the tranquility and the space around us.

How To Eat Your Avocado


Avocado is one of my top favorite foods and since I had them in the fridge I thought that I could share some of my favorite ways to eat an avocado!

  1. The Spicy Avocado Egg Bake – Cut the avocado in half, Crack one egg into each empty pit of your avocado halves and top it of with some chopped chillies, paprika and if you want to some cheese then bake in the oven until cooked. I promise you will love it!
  2. Avocado Feta Omelette – Coke your eggs in a frying pan, put some avocado slices and crumble feta on top then to make it crispy, just put it under the grill for a couple of minutes. It simple, quick and so good!
  3. Avocado Mango Salad – Avocado is a great ingredient for a salad. Simply combine equal quantities of chopped chunks of avocado and mango with some salad leaves and dress with a lemon juice and olive oil mix.
  4. Smoothies – Have you ever tried this? No? You should. I love to blend it up with a banana, milk and some honey or vanille. Delicious!

How do you like to eat your avocado? Let me know in the comments down below!

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What Happened?



Hello there! Long time no see.

These couple of months have been crazy. I’ve been so busy of holding track of everything that I somehow stopped blogging.

As you all know, I want to study in The Netherlands. So to make that possible, I had to meet the requirements and I thought that I had done everything I that had to do. However, quickly I found out that this was not the case. Because I want to study at a Dutch program and I am a “foreign student” they have to make sure I can understand, speak, write and read Dutch and therefor I had to make an exam. However, this slipped totally my mind because I still am a Dutch national and I did not though I need something like that. But, it was not enough for the administration office and so I had to fly over and take all the exams. I got the results back and I passed!!!

When I came back from the trip, I had to prepare myself for the russ celebration, because this girl was going to be a russ. Some of you may think, what the .. are you talking about? Well, let me explain! It is the time where Norwegian high school students celebrate that they hopefully are going to graduate. Yes, it is before your graduation.. so before the exams. Crazy stuff. The celebration starts somewhere in the middle of April and ends on the 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution day. During this time, the russ (the students) are wearing overalls, most of them are red, blue or green and oh a funny detail, you wear this overall every day all day, without washing them. You may think it’s gross, but it is kind of funny! Many students go to “russetreff”, which are festivals where everyone comes together from across the country and party one weekend. Many international artists perform on stage. I have been to two of these festivals, including Stavanger Landstreff, one of the largest festivals where around 14,000 students are coming. It was a 6 hours trip with car, but it was so worth it!

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After all the craziness, exams were around the corner and of course, I GOT SICK. So, during my first exam I had a fever and otitis.. I have honestly no idea how the exam went, but I’m glad it’s over. The only thing I need to do now is to take my oral exam and then I can finally say goodbye to high school!


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Long Distance Relationships


In one of my previews post I wrote about that I have a long distance relationship. A long distance relationship seems in many ways impossible, but it is easier to have one then ignoring your feelings for someone. However, if I have to be honest I would wish I knew how hard it was to actually have that kind of relationship before I got into it.

The first thing which you miss when you can not be with each other whenever you want is that you miss the physical contact with that person. Just to see the persons smile or to sit next to them on the couch and to be able to give them a hug whenever you want. It’s the little things you longing for. It is not about fancy dates or a present. The one thing you want is the person you love.

You do not live in the same area and therefor you and your partner will have to get your socialization fix somewhere else. People say that the key to a relationship is spending time together. However, this will get a little bit complicated when you are separated by hundreds of miles and the only thing you can do about it is spending time with a cold, digital display.  Sometimes, you can feel very lonely when you know the other person will have a fun night and you are just sitting alone at home. There is especially one thing I have difficulties with when it comes to nights out. A night out with your friends is fun, until you are suddenly standing next to a cute couple who are dancing, smiling and kissing. It is as if you get slapped in the face and wake up from a nice dream.

Luckily, we have the internet. It is a beautiful thing for people who have a long distance relationship. You can Skype, use WhatsApp, snapchat, Face-Time and so forth. You can tell him/her that you miss them and that you wish they could be there with you whenever you want, also on your night out. This will not only give you a better feeling but also your partner. It is always nice to hear that they wish you would be there. Unfortunately, it is much harder to understand people. You can’t tell that their body language is different when they are upset. In fact, if you do not talk to them via phone or video, you cannot know if they are upset at all unless they tell you about it. It is very important that you are showing and telling them about your feelings. You have to be honest, to them and to yourself and this is harder than you think. Take me for example, sometimes I shut down completely. When I have a problem or something has happened, I sometimes do not want to talk to anybody because I can not figure out how I feel or which words I can use to make myself clear. Or sometimes it is just because I do not want to bother them with my problems. This can cause problems and the other person can get very frustrated, believe me, I know all about it!

One thing that makes me happy is when one of us is booking a plane ticket. It is something we both can look forward to and this makes it a little bit easier to be apart. Yesterday, we watched a movie together. How? Well, we Face-Timed and at the same time we were watching the same movie. We discussed and laughed about what was happening in the movie. It sounds silly, but it felt like we were together in a certain way. Sometimes you have to get creative to make a long distance relationship work. If you are both committed to make it work, it will. 


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How To Learn A Language: 7 Great And Useful Tips


When I moved to Norway, I was not in the mood to learn a foreign language. However, I realized  very quickly that it would be my only chance to understand other people and of course to get friends. Today I will be sharing my tips and tricks to learn a new language!

1. Start with some simple words

Pick up 50 words and start using them on people. I remember that I began to call my mother for “Mor”, which means mother in Norwegian.

2. Learn the filler words

If you want to buy yourself some time and increase your confidence then you should learn som filler words. These are the words people use all the time between sentences but they do not really mean something. I still use this trick, haha!

3. Make it a daily habit

Use every opportunity to speak the language. The more your brain will consider it something useful, the more you will learn. If you want to learn a language fast, you have to commit to studying the language for a couple of hours per day. Believe me, all the work will pay off!

4. Write out the grammar

It sound silly, but writing things out by hand is still the best way to memorize things. So, get some paper and a pen!

5. Use technology

The fantastic thing about technology these days is that we can bring it everywhere. An app on your smartphone can be very useful when your travel. Just open the app and start learning when you are on your way! I have made little list for you, which consist of apps, websites and softwares:

Personally, I like Duolingo and Babbel. Duolingo is a website and an app, it gets users to read and speak their new language by seeing, hearing and translating it. Users gain points as they complete lessons, it feels like you are playing a game. Babbel is also a website and an app, which is slightly different from Duolingo. It can identify your problem area and gives you the opportunity to work on them.

6. Do not worry about making mistakes

I know all about making mistakes, I still make them. But when you’re learning a new language you can’t be afraid to make mistakes, otherwise you won’t get very far. Making mistakes (and learning from them) will help you to progress. Of course there are always people who will laugh at you, but there are so many people who will admire you and love to help you!

7.  Listen and read

When I say read, I do not mean a book of 346 pages. Try to start with something you are interesting in, such as a magazine or a cartoon. Children books are also very useful. It could be that you already know the story and this will make it even easier. Try to watch YouTube and television to improve your listen skills. My family and I used to watch children tv, sounds silly but it works!

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15 Things I Like To Do On A Sunday

2015-02-15 15.11.22-1

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, by far. Even though I always think about that there is a busy week coming, I find that Sunday’s are the perfect

mixture of productive and relaxing, everything I do is just a little slower and less manic and here my favorite things to get up to.

  1. Sleep in
  2. Make a large breakfast
  3. Catch up with all my favorite tv shows.
  4. Clean my room.
  5. Do pilates/yoga.
  6. Plan out what I need to get done in the next 7 days, homework and other important stuff.
  7. Wash my makeup brushes.
  8. Change my bedding.
  9. Take photographs.
  10. Play with photoshop
  11. Write posts and think of features.
  12. Clean my desk, mainly to get rid of all the custard cream crumbs.
  13. Find some new music to listen to.
  14. Watch YouTube videos.
  15. Read.
What do you like to do on a Sunday?

Recipe: Delicious chocolate cake

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”

As most of you know, it is Valentines Day. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope your day is filled with hugs and kisses, red lipstick and dresses, flowers and candy and most importantly love, joy and all the people who mean the world to you! 

I do have a valentine, however it is a little bit hard to celebrate this day when you are in a long distances relationship! So instead of sitting in my room crying while I look at photo’s of happy couples and eating candy, I decided to bake a cake. On Thursday, I got the most delicious recipe for a chocolate cake from a friend, so I thought why not give it a try?! Well, it turned out pretty well. You find the recipe if you scroll down!


For the cake:

4 eggs
2 dl sugar
200 g dark chocolate
200 g butter
2,5 dl flour
1 ts baking powder

200 g light chocolate
1 dl heavy whipping cream

Preheat the oven to 220°C and grease the cake tin.

Whisk the eggs and sugar together until it is thick and light. Melt the butter in a pan and break the chocolate in small parts. When the chocolate is almost completely melted remove from the heat and whisk the mixture until smooth, glossy and thickened. Slowly pour the chocolate in the eggs and then quickly beat in the flour and the baking powder. Now you can pour it in the 24 cm cake tin and set it in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

When your cake is ready, let it cool down and begin with the chocolate icing. Heat the chocolate and cream in a saucepan over a low heat until the chocolate melts. Let it cool down and spread over the cake. Let it set in the fridge for at least one hour. Then take it out of the fridge and enjoy!



Monday Morning Thoughts


I look out of the window and watch how the sun appears in the sky. It is Monday 9th of February. The time flies. It is 2015 and the first month is already gone. Everything is going so unbelievable fast. This year I will be living 5 years in this beautiful country. It is still unreal that my family is immigrated to Norway. That I live in another country, have learned a new language and met another culture. I am so thankful for all this. The fact that I can experience all these things is a gift. People say that immigrating is like being born again. Well, I can tell you that it is true. You have to learn everything all over again. Your whole body and mind have to adapt to a new environment. This makes it all exciting but also very scary. You wonder if you are able to manage it all. What if it does not work out? I personally have experience that you will find out who you are as a person. Where your boundaries are and what you think of things. You really get to know yourself.

This year I will finally be finished with high school! A new chapter is beginning soon. I am excited about it, just the fact that there will be new opportunities and new people to meet is exciting. I have decided that I want to study in The Netherlands. At this very moment, I am really busy to plan all the things I have to do. It is a little bit scary, to go back to my “homeland”, knowing that I will travel back on my own. We will see how it turns out!

It Is Time For Christmas

Hello people!

I am sitting in the living room with a cup of tea, on the couch, looking at a beautiful christmas tree, which we have cut down in the forest ourselves. It is actually the first time we decided to do that, usually we buy one, but this time we wanted to do it on our own. It is harder than you think, to pick a tree. There were so many trees and we could not easily decide which one we would take home. We ran around like children in a toy store. Picking trees and screaming: “This one! No, this one!”. It was very fun to do, especially with the whole family.

christmastreeThe time around christmas is such a cozy and beautiful time. Families are getting together, candles are lighting up and the snow is falling down (if you are lucky). I remember from last year, that we did not have snow, not even on Christmas Eve.. It did not even feel like it was christmas. Luckily, we have snow this year. Not so much, but enough to get that winter/christmas feeling.

In our family, we actually do not much with christmas. We set up a tree, get some christmas decoration out of the closet, get some more candles around the house and sometimes we have some presents under the christmas tree. This year, we decided that each of us have to make a meal for the whole family on Christmas Day. I will make the dessert, the best meal of all! I was thinking about something with ice cream and chocolate, hmm.. sounds good right?



What If Disney Characters Had Instagram

I came across something funny and really inspiring and I just wanted to share that with you! As we all know, today’s world lives around social media. We tweet, use Facebook and post photos on Instagram. Social media has changed the way we function, and many have not even realized it yet. People get stressed out over how many likes they get on their Instagram picture or who is on Snapchat ”best friends” list of other people? Why is that even a thing? Do we really need to know who snapchats whom the most? Clearly we do, because even I have to admit that I scroll down Snapchat to see who is on those lists. It used to be that a guy, who liked you, would come to you or called you late at night, when you were waiting in suspense. Now, he may send you a text. He might Snapchat you or he could post something on your Facebook-wall, maybe if you are lucky he will mention you in a tweet. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? We let social media have effect on our relationships. It is sad, but it is the truth..

However, it also can be used as something inspiring and something fun. The Italian artist Simona Bonafini use social media for one of her amazing digital art series “Selfie Fables”, where Disney Characters are posing for the camera and post it on Instagram. There is only one word I can describe this with: GENIUS!

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